What joys community living brings.

There is nothing quite like when a new resident experiences all that senior living has to offer. The dawning joy when they realize how much fun each day can bring. At first, many worry that moving to a senior living community is nothing but a downsize from their home to a smaller apartment.


Though your apartment no longer has that third bedroom you never used or formal dining room, senior living is all about increasing your access to amenities. There is an ocean of potential right outside your apartment door, from restaurants to libraries. And the best part? Our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

We want you to host parties and bring the grandkids to come and play. Your new home affords the space and features that make sure you and your loved ones feel at home.

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Full-service dining – available all day

From 7 AM to 7 PM, you can come down to our restaurant, have a seat, and enjoy a delicious meal freshly prepared just for you! Order one of our meticulously crafted items from our expansive menu and we’ll handle the rest!

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Private Dining

For a more intimate dining experience

Have an idea for a great get-together? You plan it,  and we’ll handle the rest. We can help you throw a free-wheeling pizza party or take you and your guests on a five-course fine dining journey. We’ll even handle clean up.

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Fitness Center

Not your everyday gym

We’re not just lining up treadmills and calling it a day. No, we have carefully selected senior-friendly equipment so that you maximize your workout and minimize your stress. Use it on your own time or join in one of our many exercise classes!

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Keeping minds sharp and imaginative

Our library has books for every taste under the sun. Whether you’re looking for a story about knights and dragons, a historical account of battles that changed the tide of war, or a thrilling mystery, we’ve got you covered. Pick up a book and read!

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Settle in and absorb a great show.

Our theater is the perfect place to settle in and take in a spectacle. We host movie showings, live performances, informational speakers, and more! So come on down for a scheduled show or host an event of your own!

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