Our Partners

At Kingsland Walk Senior Living, we believe in the power of partnerships to amplify our impact and extend our reach. We are proud to showcase organizations and initiatives that align with our mission and values. These valuable connections form a network of shared expertise, resources, and support, enhancing the collective ability to address the diverse needs of our resident community.


Arise Veteran Foundation

Arise Veteran Foundation’s goal is to help educate, employ, house, and provide mental, physical, spiritual and relational health treatment for Veterans and their families.


The Kaufman Fund

The Kaufman Fund Helping Veterans aids Veterans with life’s basic necessities through food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and more. We collaborate to assist Veterans in need through our own programs and other service organizations.


Visit Empower Me Wellness

We’re transforming the way healthcare is delivered in senior living communities nationwide. As a core partner in your community, we’re driving positive outcomes from a place of deep compassion and expertise. Our dedicated team provides an integrated approach to the most impactful services in senior living.

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