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What are you in the mood for today? We serve 50+ always available options, breakfast for dinner, chef specials, and more. We welcome guests, throw parties, cater, host food education, and prepare tapas for happy hour. Join us for a meal today to experience the difference at Maybellene’s Restaurant.

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Executive Chef

Dining and the restaurant environment is the hub of resident satisfaction at Kingsland Walk Senior Living. I take pride in providing quality experiences that enhance each resident’s lifestyle. We are always happy to cater to residents’ specific needs and desires and love to throw a party, from happy hour to special dinners, and my favorite, our occasional “captain’s table” event where we can really showcase one-of-a-kind creations.

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in addition to daily specials, Maybellene's Restaurant offers a wide range of always-available, mix and match options – always made to order

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They say actions speak louder than words, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we welcome you to join us for a meal and a tour – so you can experience the difference at Maybellene's Restaurant for yourself.

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